1) Close to Rio de Janeiro is an area comprising 1500 hectares (3700 acres) of which half is primary (original) and secondary Forest and the other half degraded land. This area is close to a community and is therefore a good base for promoting new cells for tree nurseries for further planting and as a base for creating the possibilities for essential oils, fruit and nut production affording indigenous people with a sustainable livelihood. With GAF’s support 275 varieties of trees will be planted with a total of 140 thousand trees!

2) Another 20 hectares (49 acres) near Manaus desperately needs reforestation: The area has good soil conditions and with GAF’s support 50 varieties of trees will be planted. Among those trees will be fruit and nut trees, which means an increase availability of edible resources. A total amount of 40,000 trees will be planted.

*The soil type and elevation are determining factors in the types of trees to be planted.

*The total cost for both projects is 3 million euros. This includes the acquisition of the land, labor, supplies and most importantly the seedlings, their propagation and maintenance. Both of the above projects will provide a sustainable livelihood for the indigenous people and result in a return to a natural balance and normalization of climatic conditions in the area!

Click here to download the list of trees to be planted: GAF Trees