Louis Palmer is the first man to circumnavigate the planet with a solar powered vehicle, the so-called solar-taxi. His passion is to show solutions to combat global warming. He has a 15 year track-record of sustainable expeditions and as a professional motivational speaker and has given more than 400 speeches held at organizations and institutions in over 40 countries. He has spoken and presented sustainable solutions in the field of mobility and power supply using renewable energies. In 1998 he crossed the Amazon rainforest with an ultra-light airplane to document the deforestation. In 2009 he was awarded the European Solar Prize, Euro-solar and since 2011 he holds the position of Ambassador for Sustainability for Lucerne Tourism. In 2011 Palmer received the Champion of the Earth Award from the United Nations Environment Program. Palmer is the man behind the Solar Taxi, the ZERO EMISSIONS RACE (around the world in 80 days with renewable energies) and the WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition). One of his passions is to preserve the rainforest to ensure a better and greener life on this planet for future Generations. Palmer is part of the GAF-team as a consultant, strategist and fundraiser.

GMLogoFounded by Gordon Foat on July 4th 2001 Green Motor Sport Limited is recognized as the first motor sport company to research Green Motorsport thus being a world leader in environmentally conscious motor sport as well as founding the worlds first dynamic online magazine about Future Energies (www.futureenergies.com). Green Motor Sport brings technology and environmental issues to everyone’s attention making learning about renewable energy and energy efficiency interesting and exciting. It was thought that an environmental indicator was needed to explain and highlight these new emerging technologies. Green Motor Sport bridges the technology education gap with its educational concepts. Green Motor Sport has joined hands with the Growing Air Foundation (GAF) to wield a double edged sword against climate change. Both sustainable energy and reforestation are necessary to lower greenhouse gases and normalize weather patterns.

The Yawanawa Tribe of the Atlantic Rain Forest: info to will be added soon.