The Atlantic Rain Forest then & now:


Original surface area was: 1.23 million km2  All that remains is: 99 thousand km2

Do you wish to help the Heart Project plant 1 million trees on 98 hectares of degraded land in the Atlantic Rains Forest? All you need to do is hit the reboot tab and follow the instructions.

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“Fighting climate change demands a double edged sword! One edge, reforestation, the other sustainable energy! By using only one edge of that sword, namely, sustainable energy, we won’t win this fight against climate change. We need both to save our planet.  The worlds rains forests are the best way to sequester CO2, the best way to keep global temperature rise below 2˚, the best way to produce oxygen, the best way to normalise climatic patterns, the best way to save endangered species, the best way to stop land/mud slides the best way to end such outbreaks as ebola and much more!”
“Although we may not understand her language or even be able to log into her own world wide web our planet is a beautiful, complete, living sentient being. To understand this we must reconnect simply because we are a part of the whole.” (GAF)
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From the series Nature is Speaking: The Rainforest



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